Every box we sell makes a difference

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Depaul Box Company

Every box we sell makes a difference.


But what difference?


Well, for every two packs of boxes that you buy, we're able to ensure that a young homeless person doesn't have to sleep on the street, on a cardboard box.


But that's just that start of it. Depaul UK believes that everyone should have a stake in the community, and a place to call home.


So once we've addressed the immediate need and found a bed for a young homeless person, we start to think about what comes next. 


We believe that young people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged have the right to opportunities to progress beyond homelessness and to fulfil their potential.


That's why we have 38 varied and complimentary projects around the UK that work with young people to help them with the task of equipping themselves with the training and life skills that will enable them to stay off the street and fulfil their potential.


Every penny of profit we make from selling our boxes helps make this all possible...



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