Posted on March 17, 2015 by Depaul Box Company

Today is the day of the Homes For Britain rally. It’s a big day for the UK, and at Depaul Box Company we really hope it’s the start of a more concerted effort, on the part of all political parties, to end the housing crisis.

Homes for Britain are calling for a commitment ‘to end the housing crisis within a generation.’ We think this is a worthy, and very reasonable, ambition but we would urge everyone not to forget that generation for whom the crisis will still be very real. Political will and commitment are powerful things but they do not put roofs over the heads of the nation’s most at risk – the rising number of young homeless people. What will help them are organizations like Depaul who prevent and protect against homelessness and its causes. Everyday they are making a real difference in the fight against homelessness, but they simply can’t do it alone. So, we ask, on this extremely important day, that we also commit to helping that generation who won’t benefit so much from our commitment today; dontate to Depaul, buy a box from us, if you need one (100% of our profit goes to Depaul), and make sure you encourage others to do the same!

The government has an obligation to ensure that all its citizens are protected against homelessness, but until such a time, we as citizens must look out for one another. Let’s put a stop to homelessness together. Homelessness has no place.

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