Posted on March 17, 2015 by Depaul Box Company

Today is the day of the Homes For Britain rally. It’s a big day for the UK, and at Depaul Box Company we really hope it’s the start of a more concerted effort, on the part of all political parties, to end the housing crisis.

Homes for Britain are calling for a commitment ‘to end the housing crisis within a generation.’ We think this is a worthy, and very reasonable, ambition but we would urge everyone not to forget that generation for whom the crisis will still be very real. Political will and commitment are powerful things but they do not put roofs over the heads of the nation’s most at risk – the rising number of young homeless people. What will help them are organizations like Depaul who prevent and protect against homelessness and its causes. Everyday they are making a real difference in the fight against homelessness, but they simply can’t do it alone. So, we ask, on this extremely important day, that we also commit to helping that generation who won’t benefit so much from our commitment today; dontate to Depaul, buy a box from us, if you need one (100% of our profit goes to Depaul), and make sure you encourage others to do the same!

The government has an obligation to ensure that all its citizens are protected against homelessness, but until such a time, we as citizens must look out for one another. Let’s put a stop to homelessness together. Homelessness has no place.

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It's our birthday!

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Depaul Box Company

It’s our birthday - we’re turning two today. It’s been an amazing start for our young company; we’ve seen more and more orders roll in and that’s meant we’ve been able to help young people off the streets and into homes and brighter futures. But the problem of homelessness is not going away, in fact it’s getting worse and that’s why we’re going to need all the help we can get in our 3rd year to help spread the word about our boxes.

People move home everyday, it’s a stressful experience at times but there’s nothing better than settling in for your first night in your new dream home. We’d just ask you to spare a thought for those less fortunate, the thousands of young people sleeping rough every night on the street of the UK. Why not let them share a little in your joy? By buying a Depaul box you can move into your new home whilst also helping homeless young people on the path to a home of their own. Trust us, it makes that feeling of settling in all the better! And we need your help. We’re not asking for money, just that you use us over other box companies and encourage others to do the same. Together we can create a sustainable solution to homelessness, but it’s going to take some hard work selling boxes! We’re ready for it, are you? 

If you want to help us spread the word then we can send you a promo pack; it’s got stickers, posters and flyers for you to post in your kid’s school, supermarket notice boards and town halls. Just go to http://depaulbox.co.uk/pages/chatterbox and fill out the form and we’ll send it right away!

Thanks all, it’s time for us to go eat some birthday cake!

We now make archive boxes too!

Posted on July 24, 2013 by Depaul Box Company

Over the last few months quite a few people have asked us if we could supply them with archive boxes for business use.


And hey presto! here they are:


If you're interested in placing an order please visit the contact page and let us know what your after and we'll see if we can help.

Exciting times for the Depaul Box Company...

Depaul Box Company in the papers...

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Depaul Box Company

Today we were very lucky to get some of our new press ads into The Guardian, The Independent and Metro!


Great news, and here are a few snaps, hot off the press:





A big thanks to everyone who helped us to make this happen.




Every box we sell makes a difference

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Depaul Box Company

Every box we sell makes a difference.


But what difference?


Well, for every two packs of boxes that you buy, we're able to ensure that a young homeless person doesn't have to sleep on the street, on a cardboard box.


But that's just that start of it. Depaul UK believes that everyone should have a stake in the community, and a place to call home.


So once we've addressed the immediate need and found a bed for a young homeless person, we start to think about what comes next. 


We believe that young people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged have the right to opportunities to progress beyond homelessness and to fulfil their potential.


That's why we have 38 varied and complimentary projects around the UK that work with young people to help them with the task of equipping themselves with the training and life skills that will enable them to stay off the street and fulfil their potential.


Every penny of profit we make from selling our boxes helps make this all possible...

Where your money goes: Depaul Nightstop

Posted on May 16, 2013 by Depaul Box Company

When you buy our boxes you’re not just buying any old boxes, you’re buying boxes that save lives. All of our profits go to Depaul UK, which has been helping young homeless people to get off the street and stay off the street since 1989.

But what does Depaul UK do with your money?

Depaul UK runs many different projects across the UK and over the next few weeks we’re going to be lifting the lid on the valuable work that Depaul UK does every single day.

We’ll start with the Depaul Nightstop programme, which is one of Depaul UK’s biggest programmes, providing safe, secure emergency accommodation for homeless young people in the homes of approved volunteer hosts.

The volunteer hosts not only give up their spare room, but also their time to ensure that young people sleeping on the street are able to take their first step out of homelessness.

Nightstop actively prevents young homeless people from having to sleep rough, and is a critical part of breaking the cycle of youth homelessness for some of the 80,000 young people who experience homelessness every year.

Every year Nightstop provides over 8,000 bednights in 40 locations across the UK, but we’d like to be able to provide a lot more of this kind of support.

Just two packs of boxes is enough to provide an additional bednight, so every box we sell makes a difference...

To find out more about Depaul Nightstop visit: www.depaulnightstopuk.org/



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